Peter Lizotte

Presenting a $500.00 development cheque from PDGA Canada

Peter Lizotte

PDGA # 9189

Tel: 819 821 9363

240 Queen st.

Sherbrooke, Quebec

Canada J1M 1K2

They're saying '' It's a new sport '' , one of the fastest growing in the world. Well it has actually been around for a while in some form or another and this is my 5th decade taking part in the development of disc golf.

I am surprised, I am still just as excited as I was in 1975 when I approach a disc golf course and just as satisfied when I leave.

Disc golf makes sense in an ever increasingly rushed and technological world. Disc Golf makes sense in a world that is worried about obesity, low impact activity for seniors, outdoor activity for youth and healthy ways to unwind for Mum, Dad and the family.

Disc Golf should make sense for city councilors and park departments due to the low cost of installation equipment and maintenance. Summer Camps, Schools and the general population will thank you. Everyone has their own reason for enjoying and participating.

Disc Golf make sense when you consider the low environmental impact left by this sport when compared to other traditional sports, is that important, is that a concern ? Disc Golf is easy to learn, it is a sport to some and a pastime for others. Some thrive on the competition, others the social aspects and community involvement, and many others just love the additional excuse to wander outdoors.

A Disc Golf park offers more to the community than any other sporting activity I can think of . That in itself inspires, but in addition , it offers opportunity to those who want to compete on the world stage professionally, those with the goal and the discipline to unleash that undiscovered talent.

Why is there no Disc Golf course near you ? Who's sleeping at the wheel ?

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1975 - Started playing Disc Golf, with the 2 Californians who introduced me to the sport in Arvida Qc.

1976 - 1980 - Created ' Natural Object' courses in Arvida Qc. , and Lennoxville Qc.

1981 - 1983 Created a popular ' Natural Object' course at 12th and Cambie in Vancouver

1983 - The Little Mountain course opens in Vancouver, one of the first few in Canada.

1986 - I become a member of the ‘British Columbia Disc Sports association’ (BCDSS)

1987 - Win the advanced title in the North West series ( Washington, Oregon, British Columbia )

1990 - Become a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA)

1998 - Board member of the ‘British Columbia Disc Sports association’ (BCDSS)

2000 - 2006 Tournament Director ‘Abbies Open’ , Coordinator of the Provincial Duck Golf Series

2003 - 2006 Tournament co-director for the PDGA sanctionned initial ‘B.C. Open’

2001 - 2005 President of the Little Mountain disc golf club ‘Q’ at Queen Elizabeth park.

2001 - Canadian Masters Champion Title - Lily Lake Alberta

2002 - Member of the year award from the BCDSS

2005 - Presented with ' Lifetime Membership ' from the Little Mountain Disc Golf course

2006 - Moved to Quebec and realized that there was no organized Disc Golf and started course proposals

2007 - Installed a temporary tonal course in Lennoxville and continued course proposals

2008 - Installed demo course in Mt.Arthabaska, Victoriaville

2009 - Quebec Provincial coordinator the PDGA in Québec, continued lobbying with proposals.

2010- Provincial PDGA Rep. , Design and installation of 2 courses , 18 in Sherbrooke and 9- Mt.Ham

2011- Provincial PDGA Rep.Design and installation the 10 hole Granby course, Initiate and coordinate the ''Quebec Disc Golf Tour'' ( QDGT) with Michel St.Pierre

2012- Provincial PDGA Rep. , Assist in the development of 4 courses 18 Longueuil, 18 Mirabel, 9 L'Avenir, 12 Mont-Sainte-Anne.Co-Coordinateur and sponsor of the QDGT

2013- Provincial PDGA Rep., Co-Coordinateur and sponsor of the QDGT. assist in the development of 12 Hole Rouville, and 9 hole Terrebonne course.

2014- Co-Coordinateur and sponsor of the Quebec Disc Golf Tour , Design and install 18 holes in Saint Bernard de Lacolle and 18 holes at Mont Elan and assisted in the 9 hole expansion in Mirabel.

2015 - PDGA provincial rep. , Co-Coordinateur and sponsor of the Quebec Disc Golf Tour, assistance in design and installation of the 18 hole Drummondville, 9 Hole in Trois-Riviéres. Assisted in the 9 hole Boucherville course and the 12 Hole YoDaCo course in Mirabel. Invited to join Team Innova as Ambassador

2016 - PDGA provincial rep. , Co-Coordinateur and sponsor of the Quebec Disc Golf Tour, Team Innova Ambassador

2017 - PDGA provincial rep. , Co-Coordinateur and sponsor of the Quebec Disc Golf Tour, Team Innova Ambassador

Member of:

PDGA Professional disc golf association

ADGM Association disc golf Montreal

ADGQ Quebec disc golf club

ODGC Ottawa disc golf club

Q-Club Little Mountain Vancouver

Team Innova Ambassador