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General Disc Golf Rules and Play

Disc golf is played like ball golf using a flying disc. One point is counted each time the disc is thrown and when a penalty is incurred. The object is to acquire the lowest score. Below you will find terms you will need to be familiar with.

Tee Throws

Tee throws must be completed within or behind the designated tee area. Do not throw until the players in front of you are out of range.


The spot where the previous throw has landed, mark with a mini disc or leave the disc as is. Your next throw is taken behind your lie on the ' line of play ' ,( an imaginary line that runs from the target through the center of your marker).

One foot must be on the ' line of play ' at the time of release ( no more than 30 cm. behind ) and no supporting point ( most often the other foot ) may be ahead of your lie at the time of release.

Throwing Order

After teeing off, the player whose disc is farthest from the hole always throws first. The player with the least amount of throws on the previous hole is the first to tee off on the next hole.

Fairway Throws

A run-up and follow-through, after release, is allowed.

Completion Of Hole

A disc that comes to rest in the basket or chains constitutes the successful completion of that hole. A disc on top of the basket does not count as completion. As for tonals, once a disc hits the target, the hole is complete.

Un-Playable Lie

Any disc that comes to rest above the ground is considered an un-playable lie. The disc must be thrown from the lie on the ground, directly underneath the un-playable lie.

In the case of excessive mud, puddles or to get out of harms way ( prickly or poisonous plants, harmful insects etc), you may back up on the line of play, up to 5 metres to establish your ' lie ' without penalty.

Out Of Bounds

A throw that lands out of bounds, must be played from a point 3 feet in bounds from where the disc went out of bounds or rethrown from the previous lie. Permanent water hazards and public roads are always out of bounds. Each course will have their own specified out of bounds.


There is no relief from obstacles that were present before you threw. A player may not move branches that are between his disc and the basket. (1 stroke penalty) If a player purposely moves or breaks any object between the disc and the hole a 2 stroke penalty is incurred. Otherwise recreational players will not be penalized for rule infractions. Other players will keep you honest.

This video will give you a good introduction to the game.

Introduction to expected courtesy rules:

    • Always watch the all the shots in your group, this will help find the discs and speed up play.

      • Please be still and quite while others in your group are preparing to throw.

    • Stay on the trails as much as possible and try to avoid treading on fragile plant life.

    • Do not purposely break branches, they are natural obstacles and part of the game. Penalties will be given.

    • Once a disc appears to be lost, everyone in the group must help search for it. You have 3 minutes to find it. If it is not found, you must re-throw from where you last threw the errant shot ( as close as possible). A one stroke penalty applies.

    • As you play the course, always keep an eye on other fairways and other groups to avoid getting hit by a disc.

    • The terrain is quite uneven so please walk carefully to avoid injury

    • Do not litter, use the garbage bins please, if you smoke, ensure it doesn't bother others and dispose of your butts in proper refuse containers or else your littering.

    • It is always understood that players will leave the course cleaner than when they arrived. Being that most discgolf courses are on public property, proper respect must be given to all other park users and their safety must be a priority. Please represent the game in its best light.

clic the image below for the official rules of Disc Golf