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Disc selection is crucial, especially early on in your disc golf career. Many people buy the coolest looking/sounding disc that they saw someone else throwing.

The likelihood that the disc is too fast and too overstable is high. The chance that they will be successful with a disc like this is low. The chance that it will slow down your proper throwing technique and natural progression is high.

Don't choose a disc because you THINK you can make it work.

Choose the disc that will allow you to reach early successes with less frustration.


So, what disc is "right" for a beginner. Here's a rule of thumb, beginner's should throw lighter weights and understable to stable discs. Lighter weights are less than 170g. Understable discs will give the beginner the MOST distance early on. If you want to throw far from the get go (like we all do) then pick a disc that is understable or stable at most. Avoid overstable discs while you're still learning. Understable discs will turn right (for Right Hand Backhand shots) when thrown fast and flat. With a hyzer angle, understable disc will produce an "S-curve" that can yield maximum distance.

The next principle by which to abide to is that beginner's should start with Putters and Mid-Ranges. It's hard to believe when you start playing , "Surely, I won't get the distance I need from mids and putters." Try it! Even now, I can throw my putters 200 feet and mid-ranges close to 250 ft. The furthest I can drive is 320 ft with my long distance driver, but with much less control. Now, first things first, I personally should be driving further. But it's not because of the discs, it has more to do with playing more often than I do. More importantly than my own shortcomings though, the principle you MUST understand is that with proper technique, you can throw mid-range discs really far!

Great Golf Discs for any beginner

Here are our suggestions for some ideal beginner discs in each category. There are many more available here at Disc Golf Sherbrooke but this will give you an idea of where to start. (In no particular order)