Info for the new player

1. Play with Disc Golf discs
Be sure to use discs
specific to the practice of Disc Golf, labeled " PDGA approved", rather than recreational Frisbees. Start playing with only 1 or 2 discs at first.

2. Play with many people
Play with family and friends, sharing the joy of this moment will be even greater.

3. Be patient
Take time to learn to play and if you get discouraged, think of this; Even the best players have started as beginners. Looking at what they are doing on video now and trying to comprehend is a great of staying motivated.

4. Be vigilant
Always make sure that the area is free of any bystander, bicycle, vehicle, etc. Never throw your disc if you're at risk of injuring somebody. Be patient and wait for the area to be free and clear.

5. Ask for help or advice
 Most disc golfers are usually into initiating new players. Feel free to ask the players you encounter on the course for some advice on your technic, discs or
game strategy.

6. Have Fun
 Relax, enjoy this.... You are playing outdoors and it's good!