Lost in Lennox Disc Golf Club

The purpose of the club is to promote and upkeep our course, and ofcourse spread the good word of Disc Golf . The popular ' Lost in Lennox ' league will be back every Tuesday eventings from May to November.

Common club activities such as developing the sport, volunteering for course upkeep, helping new-comers with throwing techniques, and organizing events form the base of our activities.

The fee is $20. Members recieve a disc and a marker disc. All monies recieved from memberships are used

Ideally, with in a year we will have an entertaining 'Bad Tag ' competition going and a regular weekly match of doubles ,or plain old regular club-night play. Forming a team for club championships may be another goal. For those who are less competitive, supporting the club will go towards a better playing facility for your liesure time.

Discgolf Sherbrooke Bag Tag Challenge

What is the bag tag Challenge ?

The bag tag challenge is a ladder system where each participant is assigned a tag and ranking number. The objective is for each participant to “move up the ladder” by challenging higher ranked players to a 18 hole discgolf match.

What is the purpose of the Bag tag Challenge ?

    • To promote camaraderie and a club atmosphere.
    • To give recreational rounds more meaning
    • To create a competitive atmosphere and condition players to play with pressure situations.

How to get a tag:

    1. you must be a member of the Club de discgolf de Sherbrooke.
    2. It cost $5 ( to pay for the cost of the tag )
    3. Send a request to: c.t.pete@videotron.ca
    4. To start there will be 20 tags, numbers will be issued in order that the fee's are paid starting at # 1.
    5. Tags cannot be traded or sold.

Challenge Rules:

1.A player may challenge up to 3 spots ahead of him on the ladder. Use the following procedures for issuing, accepting ,or scheduling a match.

a. A player contacts another player directly to issue achallenge.

b. A challenge match becomes official when the player being challenged, verbally accepts the challenge.

c. While a player is waiting for his challenge to be accepted, he is still obligated to accept challenges from other players.

d. After the challenge match becomes official the players have 7 days to play the match.

e.The 7 day window for scheduling the match commences the day after the match becomes official.

f. If a player is unavailable for 14 days , he must surrender his tag.

g. A player being challenged does not have to accept “ on the spot “ to play but can.

2. The following are the only 2 valid reasons for refusing a challenge, and not forfeiting your tag.

a. You have an active challenge scheduled in the next 7 days

b. Since you last defeated the person challenging you, less than 7 days have passed and you haven't played a match against someone else.

A player who refuses a challenge for any other reason automatically forfeits his tag.

3. After accepting a challenge, a player cannot accept any other challenges until the match is played.

4.The players can choose a 9 or 18 hole format for their challenge.

5. If a player is more than 15 minutes late , the match is automatically forfeited.

6. Bad weather is not reason enough to cancel a match unless both players agree.

7. During the match both players have the right to limit the size of the grouping.

8. Matches can be played in stroke play or match play formats. PDGA rules apply.

9. If the challenger wins, both players exchange tags. If the match is a draw , they keep their tags.

10. It is the responsibility of the winner to report the Tag exchange to : c.t.pete@videotron.ca so the rankings can be updated on the website.

11. After losing a match, the losing player cannot challenge the same player until either 1 week has gone by or that the other player has completed a match with someone else.