Introduction to playing Discgolf

as they learn to play. One should purchase their own disc golf disc, this page will help you make your choice if you clic here. Disc Golf is a lifetime sport that you can enjoy all around the world now and for years to come.

Along with the official rules ,one should also be familiar with the sign-up and scoring procedures prior to entering an event . These pertain mainly to the good enviromental stewardship that is expected.

Common sense and an introduction to Discgolf Courtesy usually serve as a good guide.

During play always 'keep an eye' and pay attention to your surrounding. This is important for your safety and the flow of the round.

Later on you may want to know the official rules of Discgolf.

Discgolf has a long tradition of welcoming new-comers to the sport, and experienced players are always enthusiastic to help new players along with learning the rules , or learning throwing the many techniques.

You can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a great day outside.

Dress appropriately for a long and comfortable day, and bring some snacks and refreshments.

Let's get started Intro. to Discs Intro. to the rules What do I bring Intro to Tournaments

Discgolf like most sports , operates with set of rules designed to ensure fairness and equality. One should familiarize themselves with an introduction to the rules