Lost in Lennox Players Meeting

Players Meeting 2013

Welcome to Lost In Lennox 6 , Welcome to all, especially those who will travel from out of town to attend this event. Nettle Gardens is a course that plays similar to " links golf ". It's not about distance, it's about judgement, avoiding trouble, disc control and selection. It requires a steady mental game and will allow many players the chance to use all their skills to capture victory.

We will be playing a schedule of 36 holes, 2 rounds ( 2x18 ) It is essential that groups ' spot all their shots ' and call the 3 minute search rulefor lost discs.

There are no bathrooms , the fastfood restaurants are a 3 minute drive into town from the course.

You are advised to bring your lunch and lots of liquids.

Blue Seal, an animal feed store, has kindly allowed us to use their parking space once again. Please do not park in front of their buisness, you will notice disc golf signs that will help guide you to the proper spaces. Please don't litter in the parking space.

I'd like to thank the ADGM and its membership for it's continued support and the volunteers who graciously helped make this tournament what it is.

Below you will find further information about the rules of play , hole particularities , hazards and Tee-pad assingments.


8:00 - 9:25 practice

    • 9:30 - players meeting
    • 9:50 - Go to your hole
    • 10:00 - 1st round t-off,
    • 18 holes
    • 1:00 - lunch
    • 14:00 - 2nd round ,
    • 18 holes
    • 16:45 - prize cerimony

Divisional T-pad Instuctions

for 2 rounds

Junior : Short , Short

Recreational W. : Short , Short

Recreational; : Short , Short

Am 2 : Short , Long

Am 1 : Long . Long

Am 1 W. : Short , Short

Open : Long , Long

Caddy Book

2 metre rule is not in effect

All holes are par 3 in referance to the rules

PDGA rules of play in effect 2007 edition

OB water - the st.Francis river

Holes - 4,5, 9, 12, 14,18

OB water the stream on hole and 6 , 8

all course equipment is considerd an obstacle, This includes tournament central, banners, signs, garbage cans and the like.

Casual relief is granted as usual for casual water, and insect nests but also includes the stinging nettle plants and branch piles.

please refer to rule # 803.05

'A lost disc shall be played as follows 803.11

Out of bounds rule # 803.09


the course is located in a mildly groomed park. You may ( 50% of you ) will come in contact with hazards such as stinging plants and insects. Approximately 4 players per year are stung by a wasp or hornet. Please wear appropriate leg wear

The ground is uneven and players will traverse sections with tree stumps and hidden branches. Most wear their regular favorite disc golf shoe, the more sensitive should consider tougher footwear.

Always spot

fairways are tight, and offer little protection from wayward and missed shots, your attention to all groups in play in your area is paramount to your safety on the course. Please consider this important.

Please spot the shots in your group to avoid time consuming searchs. You have 3 minutes to find a disc.

Although secluded, this tournament is being held on public ( city ) property, your consideration for other park users, ( bicycles, joggers, dog-walkers etc.) is demanded. Your concern for their safety and safe passage is mandatory.

The consumation of your favorite refreshments is your perogative, discretion is greatly encouraged if your tastes are historically unsettling to others.

Closest to the prize competition

Closest to the pin

Am 1 - Hole 3

( don't score outside the rope )

. .