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One thing for sure is that all these " beginner discs " are quality discs. They are called beginner discs simply because they are beginner friendly. Don't think that when you do gain throwing knowledge, that these discs will suddenly become obsolete and of no use to your game. On the contrary, these discs may well be the discs that you will use for years to come, your " go to discs" so to speak. Below I will explain what qualifies a disc as beginner friendly. All explanations are based on a right handed, backhand delivery.

People who are new to the game often have the same predicament. They throw a disc, it goes about 70 feet forward then suddenly slices to the left. Everyone goes through this, but choosing a disc with less " turn " and less " fade" will definately speed up the process of getting your throw to fly in a staighter line.

' Clic ' the chart on your right, Ignore the distance drivers, at this point they will not fly much further than a putter. Take a look at the Fairway drivers, the midranges, and the putters. Ignore ' speed ' and ' glide ' numders, until you have a powerful snap on your release, they mean nothing. Look at the discs that have the least amount of turn and fade. I've made a list that is sound advice in terms of choosing disc that won't hamper your progress.

When selecting your disc, try gripping differant ones, we all have differant hand sizes and some will feel better than others.

You may be wondering about how to grip your disc. Use the same principle, grip it tightly and choose the grip that feels best in your hand.

After that it is just a matter of trial and error, pay attention to what your disc does when you release it at differant angles ( edge ) , then compensate for the next throw.

If you see someone who is throwing well, don't hesitate to ask for a tip. Disc golfers are always pleased to help.

Disc Golf can be played with any kind of flying Disc, but players prefer the disc's designed specifically for this sport.

These high performance discs are made of several differant blends of plastics and come in a wide range of weights.

There are 100's of models available with differant flight characteristics that an experienced player will choose from.

But for the beginner it is preferable to stick to 2 - 3 discs that are specifically designed with simlple flight characteristics. The beginner also should start throwing lighter weight discs, under 170 grams is suggested.

Ask us, we will be glad to set you off on the good foot.

Once you've understood the flight patterns of your new discs you may wish to graduate to other discs which offer a better flight performance for those able to throw them accurately.

Seasoned players carry 8 - 18 discs in order to better execute the differant shots required for a memorable round.

We currently carry a wide range of Discs from the worlds premiere Disc Golf manufacturer, Innova Champion Discs.

We often have several models on promotion and always offer competitive pricing.

Typically prices range from $13 - $23

Ultimate style Disc's are also used in Disc Golf. Because they can't match the distances of specifically designed Disc Golf Discs, players competing with those discs play in a division called super class with it's own standards