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With use, your disc will eventually get a little banged up and may have some scuffs or cuts that make it uncomfortable to throw. Read below in order to repair them correctly.

How to Make Disc Golf DiscsLook New Again

By Abigail Road

eHow Contributing Writer

In any sport, an athlete must keep his equipment in good condition. The flying disc is the main piece of equipment used in disc golf. Since disc golf is an outdoor activity, dirt and other debris can accumulate on the disc each time you play a round. Cleaning the flying disc with the proper items and care can remove this debris and make the disc look new again.

Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need:

    • Cool water
    • White distilled vinegar
    • Bleach-free liquid dish soap
    • Soft sponge/dry cloth
  • Lint-free cloth
    1. Step 1
      1. Pour a cup of cool water and a cup of white distilled vinegar into a mixing bowl.
    2. Step 2
      1. Add a tablespoon of bleach-free liquid dish soap to the bowl and mix the three ingredients with a spoon or similar item.
    3. Step 3
      1. Dip either a soft sponge or soft, dry cloth into the solution.
    4. Step 4
      1. Wipe the entire golf disc. Wipe gently applying a small amount of pressure throughout the disc. You may need to dip the cloth into the solution once or twice in order to fully clean the disc.
    5. Step 5
      1. Dry the golf disc with a lint-free dry cloth.

What the rules say about disc repair:

C. Players may not make post-production modification of discs which alter their original flight characteristics. This rule does not forbid inevitable wear and tear from usage during play or the moderate sanding of discs to smooth molding imperfections or scrape marks. Discs excessively sanded or painted with a material of detectable thickness are illegal. See sections 802.01 D, E and F.

F. All discs used in play, except mini marker discs, must be uniquely marked in ink or pigment-based marking which has no detectable thickness. A player shall receive a warning for the first instance of throwing an unmarked disc if observed by two or more players of the group or an official. After the warning has been given, each subsequent throw by the player with an unmarked disc shall incur one penalty throw if observed by two or more players of the group or an official.

A. Discs used in play must meet all of the conditions set forth in the Official PDGA Technical Standards Document. See section 805 B for disc technical standards.

B. A disc which is cracked or perforated is illegal. See sections 802.01 D, E and F. A disc which is cracked during a round may be carried by the player, but not used, for the balance of the tournament. The player must immediately declare his intention to carry the newly cracked or broken disc to the group or be subject to penalty under 802.01 E.