Beginner's Tips

What should I wear ?

To play Disc Golf , most players wear loose fitting clothing that will allow the body ease of movement. Footwear should be as comfortable and water-proof as possible and have a light tred that will provide grip on the grass but not slip on concrete T-pads. My favorite are ' turf ' soccer cleats .

What should I bring to play Disc Golf ?

    • You can't forget your discs, but if you don't have any, we have ' loaners ' or all you need available for sale.
    • You should always bring a small towel or 2 to dry your discs. The weather or the grass can wet your disc and cause your grip to become compromised.
    • Some players use medical tape to protect contact points on their fingers that may get sore from so many disc releases.
    • Lots of players bring a folding 3 legged stool
    • You'll be pleased to have brought a drink and a snack

Introduction to playing a Discgolf Tournament

Discgolf like most sports , operates with set of rules designed to ensure fairness and equality. One should, if possible , familiarize themselves with an introduction to the rules as they learn to play.

Along with the official rules ,one should also be familiar with the sign-up and scoring procedures prior to entering an event .

Common sense and an introduction to Discgolf Courtesy usually serve as a good guide.

These rules pertain mainly to the good enviromental stewardship that is expected during play


During play always 'keep an eye' and pay attention to your surrounding. This is important for your safety and the flow of the round.

Later on you may want to know the official rules of Discgolf.

Discgolf has a long tradition of welcoming new-comers to the sport, and experienced players always are enthusiastic to help new players get to know the ropes along with the rules , and throwing techniques if requested.

You can expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a great day outside.

Dress appropriately for a long and comfortable day, and bring some snacks and refreshments.

    • Always watch the all the shots in your group, this will help find the discs and speed up play.
    • Stay on the trails as much as possible and try to avoid treading on fragile plant life.
    • Do not purposely break branches, they are natural obstacles and part of the game. Penalties will be given.
    • Once a disc appears to be lost, everyone in the group must help search for it. You have 3 minutes to find it. If it is not found, you must re-throw from where you last threw the errant shot ( as close as possible). A one stroke penalty applies.
    • As you play the course, always keep an eye on other fairways and other groups to avoid getting hit by a disc.
    • The terrain is quite uneven so please walk carefully to avoid injury
    • Do not litter, use the garbage bins please