Beginner's tips

What should I wear ? 
To play Disc Golf , most players wear loose fitting clothing that will allow the body ease of movement. Footwear  should be as comfortable and water-proof as possible and have a light tred that will provide grip on the grass but not slip on concrete T-pads. My favorite are ' turf ' soccer cleats and there are many other suitable footwear options available.
What should I bring to play Disc Golf ?
  • You can't forget your discs, but if you don't have any, we have ' loaners '  or all you need avilable for sale. 
  • You should always bring a small towel or 2 to dry your discs. The weather or the grass can wet your disc and cause your grip to become compromised.
  • Some players use medical tape to protect contact points on their fingers that may get sore from so many disc releases.
  • Lots of players bring a folding 3 legged stool to rest on if play is slow
  • You'll be pleased to have brought a drink and a snack